Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have really enjoyed this class! I will definitely miss learning about the media and the affects it has on us as a society.  I really hope that I don't fall in the mainstream thinking as everyone else.
One of my favorite stores would have to be Forever 21 because they really don't have a logo on their clothing.  I love that they don't have a logo because I can be around anybody and not feel like the person is judging me based on my clothing.  Have any of you been judged by your clothing because it has a certain type of logo? 
People are soo funny! I hate how people judge others by what they wear.  Nobody has any idea where people have come from (background).  For example, I pass by a homeless man each day that I go to work and each day the homeless man is clean shaven and isn't wearing shabby clothes.   Now, I realize that some homeless people don't always look like people that have tattered clothes and dirt on their faces with beards.  But come on, does the type of homeless person that has no facial hair expect to have me give him some money?  This is just like our section about stereotypes, but I really try not to stereotype.

No Logo

I really have enjoyed reading about No Logo.  I especially loved watching the movie because it really made everything come to life for me.  I thought it is extremely interesting how our world functions.   I can't believe that we are thrown soo many different advertisements each day.  Since reading the book, I have looked at my wardrobe and found that I really don't have too many logos on my clothing, which I am extremely proud of.  I really have had a paradigm shift with buying clothing.  I have really consciously tried to figure out what my clothing is telling everyone.  I have never really done that before.  I am glad I am starting!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today our discussion was primarily about branding of logos on clothing.  I will admit that I am a little bit of a logo person, but I really do try to stay away from logos because I think it is such a high school thing to do.  I shop at soo many places and even make many accessories of mine.  I think if people dress for fashion, price really doesn't matter.  If you dress for name brands then you are self righteous and need to realize your fault and grow up.  That is why I am really trying to become a person that doesn't really shoot for brands or logos.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today in class when we summarized the movie about what is "cool" it was very enlightening to me.  I really enjoyed watching the movie because it was almost a shock factor as well as a, WOW what the heck that is soo smart!  I really enjoyed how they shot the footage of the MTV marketing reps and how they literally go into a teenagers bedroom and pick it apart.  How fascinating and weird at the same time.  I really do believe that teenagers are very impressionable and willing to be accepted in any way or form.  I just really wonder when the media will have nothing else to market.  To where we are at the point of no return and there are no more values or morals.  What is next after that? I guess we will be like Rome and fall.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When we were learning about all of the marketing and ads that are thrown at us each day I was SOO surprised!!! Especially since I found over 200 ads in less than a half an hour. I couldn't believe that.  It just goes to show you that no wonder everyone is soo fixated on finding the most popular item that has the brand name with it.  In some ways it really makes me sick to think that so much time is put into ads and advertising to us.  Crazy!!!  My point is, I can't believe that advertising is such a huge part in our daily routines, it never really hit me until we did that exercise.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our discussion in class was very interesting about the blacks and how they were slaves. I realize that blacks were slaves! I get it! But whites are slaves today!  In Las Vegas there are girls that are captured and become sex slaves for men all around the world.  When they are captured they are drugged up and they have no idea where the heck they are. Now, don't tell me that whites have never been slaves! We have been and I am sick of people thinking that blacks were the only ones that have suffered that type of agony.  There was a move that recently came out that gave a real life interpretation of what happens to whites and how they are captured to be sold as slaves.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hip Hop was music that I use to listen to a ton in high school but I have since realized what that type of music does to you.  I feel that listening to Hip Hop makes me at least a little bit more aggressive when I speak and act with people.  I can understand how Hip Hop can affect the people that listen to it, because I could sense it first hand. Now, the question does come into play, what if Hip Hop didn't exist? What kind of society would we have? Would it change the violence? I personally would love to see that happen and see the affects of not having that type of music around.  I personally don't really listen to it hardly anymore because it makes me feel as a women degraded.  What do you guys think?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Today when we were talking about the magazines and how to cut them apart, it was fun to do!  I enjoyed learning about the different ways companies market their product.   I do have to say that I am getting tired of the whole "sex sells," concept, I wish that advertisers would think of something new and moral.
The class discussion we had regarding the fitness models on the covers of magazines was a very interesting topic to say the least.  I think that the women on the magazines are airbrushed but it doesn't mean that I still want to have a healthy in shape body like they do.  And honestly, you an attain the figure that the fitness models have, I have seen people like that at the gym!!!  I don't want to look at a magazine that has an obese person on the cover, it wouldn't matter how much you advertised it. Let's admit it right now, nobody wants to be fat.  I have talked to soo many overweight people and every single one of them wants to be thin, reason being is because it is healthier and they can actually play and do things, instead of being tired and depressed all the time.  Anyway, my point is.... magazines can get carried away with some photos and the way that they depict women, but I will still always want to be healthy and fit and take tips from magazines.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Last class we spoke about the color pink being girlie and the color blue meaning masculine and how we should dress our kids up in neutral colors so we don't program them to think only one way.  For me, I feel that I do want my child to know what gender he or she is and what he or she is attracted to because if you generalize soo many things, I believe kids will get confused and not know which was is acceptable.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Since our class on friday I have tried to see if I am a feminist or not. I have realized that I am in some topics, one topic being that women should be able to do whatever they want even if the career is dominated by males. Although, I do believe that women aren't equal to men. I can't lift up a car and I can't be as huge as they are, but I do want to be paid equally for the same job that a man would be doing.

Friday, January 23, 2009

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Women being treated as objects is completely disrespectful in all ways you look at it. I use to be blonde and now I am a brunette. When I use to be blonde I would have guys come talk to me and they would talk to me slowly, now guys come up to me and they actually have something intellectual to say to me. I do feel the media has some doing with the stereotype of blondes being stupid. What do you think?
Obama being elected as president and the whole inauguration having soo many mistakes, I wish that it would have been corrected and done the correct way. Having Obama sworn in as already being president doesn't make much sense to me.