Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hip Hop was music that I use to listen to a ton in high school but I have since realized what that type of music does to you.  I feel that listening to Hip Hop makes me at least a little bit more aggressive when I speak and act with people.  I can understand how Hip Hop can affect the people that listen to it, because I could sense it first hand. Now, the question does come into play, what if Hip Hop didn't exist? What kind of society would we have? Would it change the violence? I personally would love to see that happen and see the affects of not having that type of music around.  I personally don't really listen to it hardly anymore because it makes me feel as a women degraded.  What do you guys think?


  1. I agree. Listening to music can change my mood. I think it is like many of the little things and deicisions we make in our lives. For example when I am wearing sweat pants compared to my work outfit it makes me feel a certain way. Music can change our moods and alter our thoughts. I think that is why they put parental advisery on CD's. It can make especially children feel certain ways.

  2. I agree...I listen to everything...from Sinatra to Santana to Ol' Dirty Bastard...During the days of The SugarHill Gang, when Hip Hop came out, it was more of a tool to express love and poetry with a beat...However it sadly has evolved into some of the stuff we listen to today...

    I personally think, Hip Hop does good, but like all things it has a bad side Ganster Rap

  3. I think it also depends on the age a person is. Listening to Hip-Hop/Rap has a more profound influence in children when they developing then at our age when we know more. Also in my previous job I remember a horrible call my boss had to take (We called them Sup-Calls...for Supervisor Calls) a very stressful call. When he was done he said he was going home and on his way going to listen to the loudest most hip-hop music he could...obviously expressing his anger/frustration with the call.