Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When we were learning about all of the marketing and ads that are thrown at us each day I was SOO surprised!!! Especially since I found over 200 ads in less than a half an hour. I couldn't believe that.  It just goes to show you that no wonder everyone is soo fixated on finding the most popular item that has the brand name with it.  In some ways it really makes me sick to think that so much time is put into ads and advertising to us.  Crazy!!!  My point is, I can't believe that advertising is such a huge part in our daily routines, it never really hit me until we did that exercise.


  1. Im saying it right now you are a cheater! haha No that was good you smoked me by about 180. Its is incredible how much advertising is into, which is like every aspect of life. I wonder how hard it is to build the image that goes with the advertising? And even better how hard peope have worked to get it in our face all the time.

  2. yeah it is quit amazing to see how much advertisment we see each day, and how much we even pay attention to.

    Sadly, I can only see this getting worse as advertising brings in money.

  3. I was humbled by your preparation, finding 200 brands in the time allotted was pretty impressive. In my defense, I thought wrongly that we were limited to what was available around us, didn't think of using the paper. The point Errin made was that we are so so very comfortable with the concept of branded identities that we become blind to them. Case in point, some people I saw struggled to identify more than a handful of brands around them. I found about a third the number you found, and thought that I was under counting but out of fatigue. The brands that surround us are there because we, the buying public, believe the sales pitch that certain brands transfer maybe not magic powers, but quantifiable attributes to us. Yes, I believe it. Take a really cute girl for an example, her real id is immaterial. She feels differently when she puts on her Victoria's Secret underwear. A similar product from WalMart would just not feel the same, she thinks. Similarly her jeans (True Religion) fit her like no Arizona brand junk would, or could. They just feel SO good. She is value conscious, though. She will compromise and when a suitable pair of cute shoes turns up at Target, she will buy them.
    So what's the point? Brands with the right image are embraces tighter because of the image, not because the item comes from a place or is made of a certain material. We are thoroughly soaked in brand propaganda and we like it. And it will actually help the economy, if we ever recover, btw.