Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The class discussion we had regarding the fitness models on the covers of magazines was a very interesting topic to say the least.  I think that the women on the magazines are airbrushed but it doesn't mean that I still want to have a healthy in shape body like they do.  And honestly, you an attain the figure that the fitness models have, I have seen people like that at the gym!!!  I don't want to look at a magazine that has an obese person on the cover, it wouldn't matter how much you advertised it. Let's admit it right now, nobody wants to be fat.  I have talked to soo many overweight people and every single one of them wants to be thin, reason being is because it is healthier and they can actually play and do things, instead of being tired and depressed all the time.  Anyway, my point is.... magazines can get carried away with some photos and the way that they depict women, but I will still always want to be healthy and fit and take tips from magazines.

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