Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our discussion in class was very interesting about the blacks and how they were slaves. I realize that blacks were slaves! I get it! But whites are slaves today!  In Las Vegas there are girls that are captured and become sex slaves for men all around the world.  When they are captured they are drugged up and they have no idea where the heck they are. Now, don't tell me that whites have never been slaves! We have been and I am sick of people thinking that blacks were the only ones that have suffered that type of agony.  There was a move that recently came out that gave a real life interpretation of what happens to whites and how they are captured to be sold as slaves.

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  1. Yeah, that movie recently released is Taken starring Liam Neeson. You are right that this crime is going on throughout the world with every race imaginable, sadly even to small children. It is unfortunate there is so much evil in our world and not enough compassion for others. Blacks have suffered much over time, but you are correct that they are not the only ones suffering or that have been oppressed.